Detailed History of SNJ-4: N224X



This history of N224X was collected from the following sources: 

  • Registration records for N224X

  • Department of the Navy, Naval Historical Center, Washington D.C.

  • Boeing Aircraft Corporation, Seattle, Washington

  • Naval Aviation News, Washington D.C.

N224X was manufactured in Dallas, Texas.

Serial Number: 88-13041

Navy Bureau Number: 27585

It was manufactured under the Government Contract #DA W535-AC8 dated April 10th, 1941.  

Almost 10,000 airplanes were built under that contract.

N224X was built in a block of 2,400 airplanes between July 1942 and June 1943.

North American had an internal charging system - a system for invoicing.  Thus, the airplanes had a company contract number assigned to them for the purpose of billing.  NA88 was the North American internal contract number for the T-6 program.

The SNJ-4 was accepted into service by the Navy on April 13th, 1943.


Military Service

04-43 to 05-50

05-50 to 06-50

06-50 to 08-52

8-52 to 10-52

10-52 to 10-54

10-54 to 12-54

1-55 to 10-56






BTU 15



Retired; place in storage

Total hours 5282

Whiting Field, Milton, Florida

Pensacola, Florida

Litchfield Park, Arizona

Pensacola, Florida

Whiting Field, Jacksonville, Florida

Pensacola, Florida

Grosse Ille, Michigan

Litchfield Park, Arizona


BTU: Basic Training Unit

BUAER: Bureau of Aeronautics

NAS: Naval Air Station

NART: Naval Air Reserve Training

Civilian History

August, 1957

Purchased from the U.S. Naval Air Station at North Island, San Diego, California (Miramar) by a civilian in Arizona for $1810; Airplane registered as N7438C.


June, 1964

Sold to aviation company in Arizona


March, 1966

Sold to civilian in Shreveport, Louisiana


September, 1966

Registration number (N-number) changed by owner to N224X; small plate on outside left side, front of cockpit canopy at base, bears owners initals (HMB)


August, 1974

Purchased by Confederate Air Force


January, 1991

Transferred to Cleveland Wing CAF


August, 2014

Transferred to Buffalo Heritage Squadron CAF


Note: The date of December 6th, 1941 is stamped on the engine data plate.

Base of Operation

John St, Akron, NY 14001



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